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Homw Work.! :D


Hi, Guys!

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Welcome to my blog!. This is my first time with a blog, so I hope you like it. I made this blog for my English Level 1 Class, and also that my teacher told me that i needed one.. jaja sorry it's a joke, but yeah my tacher told me that. In this blog I going to post my homework and some interesting things that I want to share with all of you. So I would be learning English as a Foreign Language and I think this way is more fun.

How you know, My name is Angel, I'm seventeen years old, I'm a student. right now I'm studying most comunication at URBE.

My passion is the music. I'm a musician and I love it. I like to sing, most the time I'm singing and playing the piano and the guitar.

Well, I hope you like my blog. Please leave comments!

"Leave, Believe, Dream and try"

See You!!